These days, I’ve been doing more writing than painting. I feel guilty that I haven’t been painting or drawing much, but I think I need some more time away from the canvas before I can come to it with a fresh perspective.

There are many ideas floating around my mind, but when I sit to work, there’s nothing I want to do but write. 

For the past year or so I’ve been painting abstracted landscapes and animals. In my next phase of work, I get the sense that I’m going to try some abstracted portraits. That’s what I’m drawn to these days. I don’t particularly enjoy portraits that are dead-on, looking at the ‘camera’ as such. Nor do I like overly posed positions. I want instead to do some portraits that in some way tell a bigger story about a persons life through their in-between expressions. 

Any volunteers? Being an artist’s model is arduous work… :)