Rant 1

I want to rain down all over this city so that my contours might fit its streets and valleys; so my pores might absorb unheard whispers of opportunity and good intention. I want to run through the black tunnels of the subway trains with torn and blistered feet so my blood might bring some shade of humanity to those screeching metallic halls. Sometimes I think this place is a husk – devoid of the passion I crave. Other times I see the chaos that that passion brings and I understand why this world shies away from those hungry fingers.

Regardless of the sense, the logic and the ease of living under these metal arches, sometimes I miss brightness and colour. I miss the fecund humid air, and the shaded bamboo arches of my past.


The past month has been jam packed with events that have taken away from my making of things. BUT these weeks have also offered tonnes of inspiration, love and friendship. Above are some pictures of necklaces I have made in the past couple weeks. The first is called Uncoiled because it reminds me of a snake. The second is called Aqua. It’s something my Mum asked me to make for her. The last is called Primadonna. It’s something I made for myself for my birthday coming up. 

There’s also a painting on my easel. Right now it looks like tye-dye. I don’t really know where it’s going at the moment but in the coming weeks I’ll keep you posted. 

I am going to a gallery opening at the ROM on Thursday which should be really inspirational. The curator said she liked my work alot but unfortunately, I did not have anything at the sizes they were looking for. Which points to the fact that I need to start working larger… 

More to come! 

Thanks for reading.