Pearls and Ribbons

My latest project has been making pieces of jewelry for the brides in my life. I’m trying out pearls for the first time. Of course I don’t really want to say too much about them until i actually GIVE them their pieces, so working shots will have to do for now. I am truly a novice at jewelry making, but I love it. It’s all in the hands and it totally gets me out of my head. 

The satisfaction one gets from their art I suppose is totally relative to the way you approach the whole thing. When I think too much about what I want to do with my paintings for example, quite often they stagnate. There’s a moment that comes sometimes when I’m walking past my canvas in the living room when I am overcome by silence. Only then does it make sense to paint. More often I chitter chatter in my head about where it’s going and how it might turn out in the end. 
When I’m honest with myself, I’d have to say that the end result of the painting isn’t really where it’s at for me. It’s that silence and that rush as you feel something coming out of your hands, translated into wet pigment on a canvas. It’s all about the process. Sometimes the end result is frustrating because it makes a destination out of something that is infinite. 
I have a canvas up as well right now. It’s a bit more textured than I’ve tried before, inspired by Judith’s mom Philomena Meffe and her recent exhibition. Right now my canvas is purple with some streaks of white and red. Will keep you posted as it evolves.