Flag Tree

Oh wait i lied, my camera phone seems to take okay pics at least for internet quality. 

This is a drawing called Flag Tree. I used to do drawings like these incessantly when I was a teenager, but I allowed myself to be convinced somewhere along the line that they weren’t ‘fine art’. so now that i only really care about making art that is sincere, i thought id have a go at drawing again. 

The form of this drawing – of a tree on a hill in some way encapsulating or birthing a human form has been repeated in countless sketches and paintings of mine in a different ways. I could ascribe all kinds of meanings to this form and its significance in my life but I would prefer to leave it open for discussion. 

Hope you enjoy. 



camera down

You may have noticed that I have not posted anything lately. It is not because I haven’t been working but that my camera has died. It gave its last whimper of an attempt to photograph a drawing I did almost a month ago. 

It had a long life and will be missed. 
A new camera is not in the budget at the moment but hoping i’ll be able to rely on the charity of friends every now and then. :) 

Repeated Pattern

This is a pattern that I am putting together for my living room. Mauri has made a set of acoustic baffles for his studio and I am going to put a painted stencil pattern on their linen fronts. This is a first go at it so I guess there will be some more work to do on it. I think that I will make a scaled size to make a stencil. I’ll print it and cut it out of some plexi.

Will keep post as things develop.