Disillusionment of Form

Disillusionment of form
30 x 40, acrylic on canvas

This piece was a long time coming. I mean it sat ‘completed’ on my easel for a long time – and every time I looked at it I felt a little angry that it wasn’t what I wanted it to be. Then one day I got really angry at it, put on the Blitz album by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs (thank you elfie) and finished it. I like it a lot more now which I guess is the point. It has something to do with feeling invisible and cold but still knowing there’s smthg powerful in you that will not be silent. Or smthg… I don’t like saying what my pieces are about really but I had a while to think about this one. If I was gonna say it I’d write a poem. As it is I painted it – so there it is.
I have a problem of space that I didn’t have in Trinidad. If I wanted to prime the wood panels I have home to paint on them – I’d take it outside and do it. Here however, I am renting so I can’t do it inside – plus its winter so the fumes would be trapped inside and I can’t go outside right now to prime it because the veranda is covered in snow and I’m not sure how the paint would dry in below zero conditions. One of these good days I am going to bite the bullet and rent some studio space. This is getting ridiculous.

Hope you enjoy.