Seagrape Grove

I started doing an Art class a three weeks ago with Alan Daniel, a local artist here in Kitchener. He’s a great teacher and an amazing artist. I’ve learned so much in just a couple of weeks. It’s nice working in a studio environment again.

The first week I went, I started looking at different types of abstract composition and different techniques of composition. I decided to try out a somewhat abstracted landscape, from a photo taken by a friend. The second and third week I worked on colour and form, building the piece with a mind for broadening my colour palette to incorporate more subtle hues than I’m accustomed to. I’m happy with the result. I’ve done other  abstracted landscapes but they have mostly been from memory or my imagination. This was at times quite challenging but having the photo helped keep me focused.

acrylic on canvas, 16 x 16"

acrylic on canvas, 16 x 16″

This piece is called Sea Grape Grove. There are so many tropical beaches that are fringed by this kind of landscape. In particular this piece reminds me of Back Bay in Tobago, where I have always loved the room like spaces created under the sea grape trees.

Earth and Sky Mandala

Earth and Sky Mandala

I’ve been doing this mandala over the past week. It’s the first full piece I’ve done for about a month. In my past few drawings I have been playing around with different pen & ink techniques to create more evocative shadows and forms. With this piece I wanted to try abstracting the mandala form. While working on it I remembered how much I enjoyed drafting in University. Although I’ve been drawing black and whites for most of my life, my understanding of pen weights is definitely from Architecture school.

You might notice if you’ve been following my work, that I have a thing for trees. This mandala shows what it is about trees that I love so much. Trees are the perfect union between earth and sky. They are balanced between the dark of the soil and the light of the sun. As below, so above; their branches and roots resemble some kind of organic celebration of light and abundance. On a certain level this mandala is about darkness and light and their interdependence in nature and in the human condition. We sometimes forget that it is through our individual darkness that light and life can grow. Each has equal weight and illumination.

I’ll put up a better quality image of this mandala when I have it scanned.

Thanks for tuning in.

Flag Tree

Oh wait i lied, my camera phone seems to take okay pics at least for internet quality. 

This is a drawing called Flag Tree. I used to do drawings like these incessantly when I was a teenager, but I allowed myself to be convinced somewhere along the line that they weren’t ‘fine art’. so now that i only really care about making art that is sincere, i thought id have a go at drawing again. 

The form of this drawing – of a tree on a hill in some way encapsulating or birthing a human form has been repeated in countless sketches and paintings of mine in a different ways. I could ascribe all kinds of meanings to this form and its significance in my life but I would prefer to leave it open for discussion. 

Hope you enjoy.