Sea Bird

Sea Bird, 36 x 48, acrylic on wood panel
This is my first paintings since I’ve moved. I love how the textures and colours worked out in this piece. I used a paint roller for alot of it as well as a fan brush and washes of colour to tone things. The bird form was influenced by an osprey. 

Beginnings & Continuations

O open this day with the conch’s moan, Omeros, 
as you did in my boyhood, when I was a noun 
gently exhaled from the palate of the sunrise. 
A lizard on the sea-wall darted its question 
at the waking sea, as a net of golden moss 
brightened the reef, which the sails of their far canoes 
avoided. Only in you, across centuries 
of the sea’s parchment atlas, can I catch the noise 
of the surf lines wandering like the shambling fleece 
of the lighthouse’s flock…’

Derek Walcott, Omeros

It’s hot out. This has been the first week in Toronto where it’s safe to say that without fear that the utterance will bring on an unforeseen frost. My patio door is open, a soft breeze moves the curtain and my small faux antique looking fan is swishing away between myself at the dining table and my easel at the other corner of the living-room.

I’m still unsure what the audience is of this blog. Is it friends? family? interested artists? random strangers? noone at all? I’m not sure. Either way I suppose, the purpose of this blog is to take my work out of my living room and into the world.

In addition I am making a new rule for myself: I will not be showing any old work. Only new work. I need the freshness of constant creation instead of the hauntings of my past works, emotions and images. So however small, my aim is to each week update this blog with the things I have managed to make.

The painting featured here I completed about a week ago. I’m still iffy on the name. It relates strongly to something I experience during yoga sometimes. These day’s I’m going to a new studio in my new neighbourhood called Kula.

Thank you for giving a tiny part of your day to my meanderings.