re thinking

I haven’t done much work in the past few weeks. Things have been so busy and work so mundane, I haven’t felt really inspired to do much of anything. No yoga either. BUT I saw some amazing art in New York a couple of weeks back. I went to the Moma as well as the Gagosian Gallery. Both had some pretty mind blowing stuff. Since seeing those exhibitions I’ve felt much more free about the way I express things. Seeing the way that Picasso time and again went against the norm and broke through barriers of what people thought were beautiful actually stole my breath. That exhibit at the Gagosian Gallery was perhaps one of the most moving exhibits I’ve seen. When I went to the Moma I saw so many great works too. What touched me most in so many of those enormously famous pieces, were the little flaws that suggest an artist in haste or an artist doing just another piece. In Van Gogh’s starry night for example, you can see through gaps in the paint to the raw canvas below. He was just expressing himself – he wasn’t trying to make something perfect. Perfection is boring and impossible. I read a book of interviews with Francis Bacon as well that felt really reassuring. Initially, none of these men knew that their art would shape society’s perception of the very notion of art. It’s encouraging, not because i aspire to fame and enormous wealth, but because it means that i can chill the hell out and skip the step of trying to make ‘good’ art and just do whatever i feel like. The relative success of some pieces over others have to do with clients, collectors, galleries and markets. Success and Art have nothing to do with each other.