While walking to work this morning, I witnessed the storm clouds that have been brewing, finally break. It was truly awe inspiring. I walked, loving the sound of the growling, rolling, thunder as it invisibly boomed around the sky. There’s a marvellous spatial quality to thunder. As the rain finally came down in big, fat drops, I ran to the nearest awning, to wait out the downpour. Even that was stunning as the gusts of wind shaped pathways through the raindrops. Eventually it became clear that I was soon going to be late for work, so I ran the rest of the way – getting completely soaked. I kept thinking what a precious and lovely moment it was. There’s nothing like summer rain.
As it happens though, this morning, at the very same time as my stormy delight, across town at the University of Waterloo campus, an 18 year old, first year student was struck by lightening. She died, perhaps during one of the very claps of thunder I stood marvelling at.
Life is a crazy thing.

Recent Sketches

Things have been hectic for me in the past couple of weeks. Given how scattered my mind has been lately, I have not been working on any particular pieces. Instead I’ve been doing a sketch every now and then. Among other things, Yesterday at lunch time I posted a print of Corvus to Grenada for the WOMA – Women Make Art Exhibit

Below are just some simple little mental ramblings.

Above is one of the sketches I did during a figure drawing class at Globe Studios on Feb 27th. It was my first time really drawing a man. For like about a minute it was a little giggle inducing to see the model strip off like it was nothing but then I settled into art mode and there was no more giggling. Similar to when I started drawing horses, it took a long time for me to separate drawing what was really in front of me from what my imagination wanted to fill in. It’s a good exercise and I’m hoping to make it back to another class soon. This was one of my more successful full sketches. Most of the others were zoom ins of a certain gesture or twist of his body. There’s a lot of pretty bad sketches in there too.

This was a quick sketch I did one night thinking about a situation my boyfriend was going through this week.

I don’t really know where this sketch came from. I started drawing and It just kind of happened. It looks like a starved mermaid and a tired eye to me. Dark though it is, I like it.