A moment of blinding realization. Sitting on the water’s edge, the sky was grey and the tides low. It was maybe 3 degrees out and I sat huddled on a big boulder. Over the valley I could see the sun spreading slowly as the clouds behind me parted. When the light reached and warmed me, I turned behind to see the brilliant sun breaking through the heavy purple clouds. Up above me, flying over me and over the valley was an eagle. A real, live eagle. In that moment it came to me. All this life, all of human consciousness – we are witnesses. 

Does a tree fall in the woods if no one’s there to hear it? Of course it does. We put value however on the witnessed account. Our eyes, our senses, our cognizance – what we do best is tell stories. As an artist, I am a medium through which my cumulative life experiences are sorted, weighed and re-stated through pigment and form. 

So that eagle could fly over that valley every day as might be the case, but its significance to you who read this and I who experienced it, is framed by my single afternoon’s reflection. That changes things. We can be such self important animals. I’ve found that life is richer and more worthwhile when I understand myself as part of a large, moving tapestry of creative experience. My eyes and my hands are no more significant than any other, but what is unique to me is my narrative, that is, my position in the tapestry – my literal point of view. 

My senses are the windows through which all the world around me is contextualized. So as people, we are many points of reference and many re-imaginations of the same earth and our space within it. 

Sea Bird

Sea Bird, 36 x 48, acrylic on wood panel
This is my first paintings since I’ve moved. I love how the textures and colours worked out in this piece. I used a paint roller for alot of it as well as a fan brush and washes of colour to tone things. The bird form was influenced by an osprey. 

Repeated Pattern

This is a pattern that I am putting together for my living room. Mauri has made a set of acoustic baffles for his studio and I am going to put a painted stencil pattern on their linen fronts. This is a first go at it so I guess there will be some more work to do on it. I think that I will make a scaled size to make a stencil. I’ll print it and cut it out of some plexi.

Will keep post as things develop.