Carnival Exhibition



All Roads Lead to Art

All roads have lead to art for Caroline the interior designer, Gwynneth the librarian, Lisa the architect and Philomena the programmer.  Independently, each one of us found that our road led us to express ourselves creatively through art.  Combining our own unique experiences of life with the experiences of traditional art education we bring a new perspective to the art arena.  Our eclectic backgrounds lead to eclectic choices in pigments, mediums, subjects and tools used in creating our pieces.  We then crossed paths with each other through our love of art and formed our new group Arty Broads.  Our ideas and visions are universal but our expression of them flow from our own individual paths. Created from various studios our work will impress and inspire.


Caroline M. Fremont

Gwynneth Heaton              www.maisonmoose.ca

Lisa Rajkumar-Maharaj   www.jumbieworks.wordpress.com

Philomena Meffe                www.philomenameffe.tumblr.com

Such a great idea and collection of work. See Corvus @ this exhibition!

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