It’s Art Market time again! I’ve taken part in a couple of art markets. Before now I’ve mostly shown paintings & drawings. This year however, I will be showing jewellery.


I started working with air-dry polymer clay a couple of months ago, experimenting with thickness, strength and hand painting techniques. I hadn’t worked with clay before, but I did a lot of research along the way. After a few batches of using the air-dry clay, I started using Sculpey oven bake polymer clay as an alternative. It has been an invigorating learning curve. It’s been a while since I’ve really dug my teeth into learning a new medium. Each batch I make is fresh and exciting to work on. I am sure that this is the beginning of a deeply satisfying, clay-filled journey.

This particular process is great for my immediate lifestyle. Polymer clay is easy to work on in small batches, for short bursts of time. It’s easy to get my creative ‘fix’ by working with colour and texture in such an immediate way. I’m reading about more traditional clay techniques as well, however I really don’t have the time/space/resources to make a traditional clay practice tenable.

When i was a kid I LOVED the NeverEnding Story. There was a scene in the movie that has always stuck with me – a huge, powerful stone giant sits and looks at his hands lamenting that and his big, strong hands were not strong enough to save his friends from the Nothing. He says, “They look like big, good, strong hands. Don’t they? I always thought that’s what they were… “ . That idea of your hands being the real agent of your ability has stuck with me. I put similar stock in my own hands. My eyes and hands do my work, and I’ve rediscovered the great great joy of getting my hands dirty.

As part of this new foray into jewellery, I am launching the JumbieJewels Etsy shop. I have a couple of things on there at the moment but really, I plan on populating it when the market is over. I’ll post here as well as on Instagram with updates.

So, in conclusion, if you’re in Toronto this weekend and you want to spend a sunny day in the park, come see the Christie Pits Art Crawl. Sunday 27th May from 9am-4pm.

Look for JumbieJewels and please stop by and say hello.


Button Factory Arts, Artist Alley 2014

Artist Alley 2014, Button Factory Arts

Artist Alley 2014, Button Factory Arts

Last weekend I took part is my first Art Market, hosted by Button Factory Arts in Waterloo. For my table I prepared prints at 8 x 10” as well as smaller ones for cards. Also avaialble were bits of jewelry I’ve made in the past year or so.

Overall, it went really well. On Friday there was a great turn out, though on Saturday we were mostly rained out. That was sad because there were so many things due to go on downtown that day (The Jazz festival, the Open Street project and our Artist Alley).

Nevertheless, I met some great artists and got to talk shop. That’s been a rarity for me thus far and I thoroughly enjoyed it. For those who did come out, I was able to share my work and get some great feedback. It’s an amazing feeling to have people engage with my work. There were a few people who were really moved by some of the pieces and that really blew me away. Rained out or no, the experience was totally worth it.

Coming out of the art market, a fellow artist recommended that I start a Saatchi profile and get some work on there. Following her advice, I’ve now done so.

You can see my Saatchi gallery at:


When you visit the site you can purchase original art or prints as well as share, comment and favourite pieces. The website really is a great resource and a window into a wide range of work from around the world.


Lisa at Artist Alley 2014

Lisa at Artist Alley 2014

Carnival Visual Arts Exhibition

An exhibition call was sent out at the beginning of the year for visual art work from Trinidadian artists toward a National Carnival Exhibition. I’m happy to report that the 3 pieces I submitted were all admitted into the exhibitions.

For those in Trinidad, please visit the show! It looks like it will be a great one. It’s being held at several venues across the island. If you want to visit or purchase my pieces, you can do so at the Carnival Village location at Queens Park Savannah, where 1 piece (A City with Two Faces) is located and also at the Art Society Headquarters, where 2 of my pieces are being shown (Downtown & South Quay)

The pieces I’m exhibiting at these locations are abstracted drawings of the city of Port-of-Spain that portray the celebration of Carnival. Downtown and South Quay focus on places in Port of Spain, taking the actual urban scene through the lens of the Carnival experience. A City with Two Faces looks at the city of Port of Spain and it’s transformation during Carnival into a city of celebration, connected and animated through the pathway of the Carnival parade.

When I get some images from the exhibitions I’ll post them on here. Hope some of you can make it.

I’m very excited about this show. A great deal of love, introspection and research went into these pieces and although I finished them and exhibited them in Canada in 2010, they’ve never been show in Trinidad.


Carnival Exhibition

Jumbie goes Threadless


I love Threadless. I have a ridiculous number of their shirts. Jumbie’s latest endeavour is trying to join the Threadless family of designs. I’ve adapted my piece Corvus for this shirt. It you like it you can rate it at the website below!


The design will be up for 7 days, after which, based on feedback, they’ll decide if they’re gonna print it or not.

Check it out and please rate my shirt! I will love you for it.