And so we continue…

I started this piece in the last week of my pregnancy and I finished it off in the past coupe days. Maya will be 2 months next week! I cant say that pregnancy was particularly fruitful for me in the art department – my lack of blog posts are testament to that. I suppose my body was busy working on my greatest creation.
In the period since Maya’s birth, I’ve felt a resurgence of creative power. Everyday I imagine sketches and have ideas for pieces – of course none of which I manage to do because – hey i have a newborn. But while others fly away, some of them have stayed, patiently waiting to be drawn. I wonder how much of this new found fount results from no longer being pregnant vs no longer being mentally oppressed by work tedium. Both I’d wager.


Like everything else in my life now, in order to make art, a new rhythm needs to evolve in my process. For the foreseeable future, time to work on my pieces will be minced up into bits. Right now, Maya is napping beside me, so I frantically think and type while I have the opportunity.


Making Art remains entirely necessary to my sanity. I had wondered if I’d stop making work when I had a baby. Instead however I find that the challenge of fitting it in to already full days is a challenge of love and tenacity rather than the desperate anxiety to which I had become accustomed.




This piece is an abstracted city scape and landscape. The mandala portion is an abstraction of the inner voice that makes a place special. I may be working in this medium for a while since its the easiest to work with quickly and in short bursts. I enjoy the gouache though. The colours are brilliant and they yield such intense pigments.


Thanks for tuning in.

4 thoughts on “And so we continue…

  1. Excellent piece,the blend of colours are so attractive,one cannot take one’s eyes off.The pattern draws one’s eyes to the centre of attraction.
    Also congratulations on your baby.
    I remember when our first child was born (`1965). We lived at Riversdale,Williamville.My in laws(Errol Sitahal’s parents,I am married to his sister.. When the then baby awoke for her bottle at about 3.00am every morning,I would get up to do the honours(Mix the feed) After that I could not go back to sleep,so I used that time to study for my ‘A’ Levels in History and Geography.
    My day job was teaching at Reform Presbyterian as an Assistant Teacher. I enjoyed my time with my baby daughter.
    After one year I passed my exams and I got an increase in salary..
    Time spent with my baby daughter and also studying was richly rewarded.The same applies to you..
    Keep well.
    PS. I cannot remember if I ever told you that Rudy,Ken,Hilly and I are first cousins.

    • Hi Kenneth. Thank you for following my work and leaving such thoughtful messages. I didn’t know you and my dad were first cousins, though I knew we were related. My partner is doing his phd so he could totally sympathize with studying and still cherishing the baby daughter time. I’d love to get your contact information to email further. would you please drop me a line at ?


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