Carnival Visual Arts Exhibition

An exhibition call was sent out at the beginning of the year for visual art work from Trinidadian artists toward a National Carnival Exhibition. I’m happy to report that the 3 pieces I submitted were all admitted into the exhibitions.

For those in Trinidad, please visit the show! It looks like it will be a great one. It’s being held at several venues across the island. If you want to visit or purchase my pieces, you can do so at the Carnival Village location at Queens Park Savannah, where 1 piece (A City with Two Faces) is located and also at the Art Society Headquarters, where 2 of my pieces are being shown (Downtown & South Quay)

The pieces I’m exhibiting at these locations are abstracted drawings of the city of Port-of-Spain that portray the celebration of Carnival. Downtown and South Quay focus on places in Port of Spain, taking the actual urban scene through the lens of the Carnival experience. A City with Two Faces looks at the city of Port of Spain and it’s transformation during Carnival into a city of celebration, connected and animated through the pathway of the Carnival parade.

When I get some images from the exhibitions I’ll post them on here. Hope some of you can make it.

I’m very excited about this show. A great deal of love, introspection and research went into these pieces and although I finished them and exhibited them in Canada in 2010, they’ve never been show in Trinidad.


Carnival Exhibition

3 thoughts on “Carnival Visual Arts Exhibition

  1. Congrats on your continual participation and production in the art scene. You’re an inspiration and it got me to finally post something of myself. It’s an extremely sparse blog…a work in progress. Cheers!

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