First Mandala of the year. I have been wanting to draw since the beginning of the year but I packed while recovering from the stomach flu and left most of my art stuff behind. This last weekend I went out and got the basics for my mandalas. Whenever I start drawing after some time away I rediscover aspects about this creative process that become second nature with practice. With this mandala I had some trouble deciphering what I wanted to do because I was afraid I would ruin it.

In my experience so far, I find that the work that I enjoy most is always fresh and almost stream of consciousness. There are exceptions obviously, but I’ve hardly ever been successful going about paintings and drawings by planning, doing studies and eventually executing in paint as most training tells you to do. For me it’s all about the immediacy of the process. I love dripping paint and in-between discoveries that come out of circumstance. With my mandalas, I sometimes start out with an idea of a shape, but the geometry that I form and the textures and symbols that go into it invariably happen as the piece evolves. Making those kinds of decisions are scarier in ink. And also when I am out of practice my hands are less sure of themselves.

Overall I like the sense of depth in this piece. I find it feels like an optical illusion when I look at it.

Also at some point this year a new digital camera will come into my life and rid me of my image quality issues. Until then, bear with me.



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