Zodiac Mandala

This mandala is done on larger paper (18 x 24″).

I finished this piece earlier today. Apologies for the poor image quality, it was too large to scan so I had to rely on the camera on my phone.

It rained all day yesterday, when I started drawing. Sitting on the living room floor, I spent the day listening to audio books and drawing. These mandalas might just get me through this period of unemployment without being bowled over with anxiety.

When I sit and make them, all of my fear and mind chatter recedes and I can just focus. Working at this scale was more challenging in terms of focus and remaining peaceful. Maybe it will come with practice, like yoga.

One of my favorite things in architecture school was manual drafting. I loved the feeling of the pen sliding over paper. I used to do a lot of abstract pen and inks when I was a teenager as well. Really the main thing that made me consider architecture school was that I loved to draw and I was pretty good at drawing buildings. I suppose I couldn’t have known then that the actual practice of architecture could be so art-less. In any case, I love drawing and my Mandala meditations have reminded me of that part of my imagination.

Hope you enjoy.

One thought on “Zodiac Mandala

  1. Nice work. I can certainly identify with some of your feelings. I’m an artist who studied architecture for a little while too. I found it heartless. Drawing is a much more direct way to patience and peace I think… architecture might just be a way to anxiety ;-)

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