Recent thoughts

I left Toronto with my mind unsettled about what would come in the future and how i might get to a point in my life where I loved what I did from day to day. Over the past month I’ve had time and space to let my mind wander over one of the most beautiful landscapes I’ve ever encountered. I feel like I am rediscovering things I forgot since high school days when i basically lived in the art room. I haven’t felt this connected to nature and my environment in almost a decade. Yesterday I sat for nearly an hour just listening to the wind in the grass. I have this delicious sliver of time in which to recover as I prepare for things to come.

I’ve decided to apply for art school. I don’t really want to talk about it too much in case I don’t get it. One of the things that has become clear over my evening strolls is that I want to learn more about art and what’s more, I want to one day teach it. I look back at my life and I think about the darker places where it was painting or drawing that pulled me out of my misery. I want to share that with other people and to help other people who need that like I did / do.

I finished a painting today. It’s too dark to photograph it now. I am gonna have a shot at an exhibition proposal to send to a couple of galleries. I have enough work now to have a show i think. I don’t really know any galleries around here but I figure this is a good way to get integrated into the artistic community. Crossing fingers something works out.

Will post new painting soon.


5 thoughts on “Recent thoughts

  1. I am currently doing studies in conte of flowers and I ran across your paintings on a google search. I instantly recognized your art…the skeleton one …I saw your presentation at Waterloo and appreciate how different it was…refreshing, dreamy, unexpected, personal…in other words, you do what seem to me some worth doing. I’m on and off working in architecture since graduation and I find doing art help me understand myself better than the pay checks I get from cadding…lol…hope you get your show and more.

    Peter Pham. Uwaterloo.

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